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BTC cracks $10k just before upcoming halving

Bitcoin Cracks $10K for the First Time Since the Covid-19 Market Selloff

The Bitcoin pre-halving bull run continues as the number one cryptocurrency pulled off another stunning rally to reach $10k on Thursday, May 7. This price rise represents the first time BTC has managed to hit five figures since the brutal market selloff back in March that saw its price drop to below $3,800.


XRP Market Appears Unfazed by Latest Ripple Lawsuit

On May 5, Ripple Labs was slammed with yet another lawsuit, this time on alleges of misleading investors and driving false demand by conducting an “unregistered offer and sale of securities.” And while investors half expected the XRP market to be rocked, the cryptoasset appeared to brush off the news and even continued trading higher over the next couple of sessions.

Bitcoin halving may 2020

Bitcoin Breaks $9K as the Halving Draws Nearer

Less than two weeks to the long-awaited Bitcoin halving, the number one cryptocurrency looks to have resumed its bull run that was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Bitcoin recently broke through the $8,000 barrier in a spectacular series of green candles over the last trading sessions.

Argentina and Venezuela turn to crypto because of covid19 economy crash
Digital currency

Argentina and Venezuela Turn to Crypto to Buoy Sinking Economies

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc across global economies. But even before the crisis, the South American nations of Argentina and Venezuela were embroiled in financial turmoil. Now both countries are turning to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in an effort to combat the financial fallout that is only deepening as COVID-19 sweeps across the region.

Bitcoin up and down key level support

Bitcoin Clings to Key Support Levels Amid Oil and Stock Selloffs

April 20th was a historical day for global financial markets as the price of oil tanked below zero, closing at -$36 per barrel of crude at market close. Never before has an oil crash of this magnitude occurred in anyone’s lifetime and uncertainties abound. While Bitcoin clings to key support levels.

Libra Facebook's digital crypto currency

Facebook’s Libra Unveils new Plan Aimed at Appeasing Regulators

Facebook Inc. and its partners have revamped their initial cryptocurrency project plan to issue a multi-currency Libra Coin in an attempt to ease global regulatory concerns. The main highlight of the new plan is the proposed move away from Libra’s original vision of a global digital currency backed by national currencies and into a range of single-currency stablecoins.

Google Chrome Crypto Extensions shut down

49 Crypto Phishing Extensions Shut Down on Google Chrome

Search engine giant, Google has removed several malicious extensions on its popular web browser, Google Chrome. Apparently, these programs were mimicking a number of cryptocurrency wallet apps like Ledger, MyEtherWallet, Trezor, Electrum, and others, in order to steal the private keys and other sensitive information of users.

Coin360 all Cryptos are highlighted in red

Bitcoin Price Back Below $7k – Is the Bullish Trend Over?

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) suddenly dropped below the $7,000 key support level for the first time in the last four days. This 5% drop in the last 12 hours is a telling reminder that volatility continues to ravage the crypto markets. Ethereum, XRP and other altcoins also posted declines, losing values of between 5-8% within that time frame. Is this the end of the BTC pre-halving bull rally?

BCH Halving April 2020
Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Completes its First Halving

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) just completed its first-ever halving since its 2017 fork away from Bitcoin (BTC). The fifth-largest crypto asset by market capitalization saw its miner rewards slashed in half from 12.5 BCH to 6.25 BCH to BCH 6.25 per block and thereby reducing the supply of new coins circulating the market.


Bitcoin Briefly Cracks $7K but Fails to Consolidate

Bitcoin looked like it was going to launch the second quarter of 2020 with a stunning rally past the $6850 resistance level. As of April 2nd, the price of BTC rose to a new current high of $7,236 before sharply pulling back to below $6,750.

Bitcoin could reach 100k coinpager bitcoin news

BTC Price could Reach $100k with $ 6Trillion U.S. Stimulus Package

The price of Bitcoin could surge to a whopping $100,000 and an equally impressive market capitalization of $2 Trillion, according to some of the most notable voices in the cryptocurrency industry. Binance CEO, Chanpeng Zhao and ZeroBlock co-founder, Dan Hedl both recently took to Twitter to express their reactions to the various economic stimulus packages being thrown around, the latest of which is the 6 Trillion dollar war chest to be unleashed by the United States.

crypto rally market up after coronavirus crash Coin360

Cryptos Rally; Market Up 20% in the last 24 Hours

In the aftermath of last week’s cryptocurrency market bloodbath, Bitcoin and other altcoins are beginning to see a downside correction in price. BTC broke through the $5.3k resistance and shot all the way above $6000 support level in a series of green candles over the last couple of sessions. Similarly, most major altcoins are beginning the climb back to recovery and are approaching key support levels. Overall, the crypto market cap rose by $23.8 billion in the last 24 hours.

Starbucks about to allow bakkt cash payments

Starbucks Customers may Soon be Able to Use Bakkt Cash for Payments

Coffee giant Starbucks may soon allow customers to pay for their drinks using Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, Bakkt recently announced that it has launched an early access program that integrates Bakkt Cash with the Starbucks mobile app. At the moment, however, this crypto payment option is only available for Starbucks customers in limited beta.

IOTA relaunch after massive hack

IOTA Relaunches Network after Massive Hack

After nearly a month of being shut down following a massive hack, the IOTA network is finally back online. The IOTA Foundation relaunched its network after dealing with the fallout from the Feb. 12 attack on its Trinity Wallet which saw around 8.55 million MIOTA — approximately $2 million — stolen from users.

Bitcoin back above $9k with Tezos leading crypto bull rally

Bitcoin Back Above $9k with Tezos Leading the Crypto Bull Rally

The number one cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC) has returned to trading above the $9,000 level on Thursday, March 5 on a bullish run that saw it rise from the $8900 level to nearly $9100 in a single hour of trading. Tezos (XTZ), the 10th most valuable crypto by market cap leads the rest of the altcoins on the current rally with double-digit gains.

India's Supreme Court Overrules Ruling on Crypto Ban

Historic Day for Crypto as India’s Supreme Court Overrules Ruling on Crypto Ban

After nearly two years of uncertainty, cryptocurrency exchanges and investors in India can finally breathe a huge sigh of relief as the country’s Supreme Court ruled against a decision imposed by the Reserve Bank of India banning cryptocurrency entities in Asia’s third-largest economy. Token prices of crypto exchanges in India have seen a sharp increase and investor sentiment has been unanimously positive.

Ripple XRP Coin Image

What’s the Big Deal About XRP Anyway?

Ripple’s XRP is currently trading at the $0.24 levels, down from the last few week’s highs of almost $0.35. XRP is the third-largest crypto asset by market cap today with a value of over $10 billion. What’s fascinating here is that there is such a humongous difference between the asset prices of the first two cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin ($9,100 levels) and Ethereum ($235 levels).

Coronavirus and Bitcoin

How Has the Coronavirus Impacted Bitcoin?

As the coronavirus continues to spread mass panic around the globe, its impact on the financial markets has become increasingly evident. But is there a correlation between the spread of coronavirus and the price actions of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? It would seem so. Here’s the critical repercussions we have witnessed so far.

Bitcoin Physische Münze

Bitcoin is Back Above $10k. But What’s Different This Time?

At around 15:00 UTC on Tuesday, Feb 11, Bitcoin shrugged off a two-day selloff period and went back up above $10,000, offsetting losses sustained within an hour of trading. Naturally, crypto investors are thrilled, more so with data indicating that this move represents a true price recovery, unlike earlier upswings.

Altcoins on the rise fueled by Bitcoin's momentum

Altcoins on the Rise Fueled by Bitcoin’s Momentum

Bitcoin launched toward $10,000 on Thursday after shrugging off Monday’s Doji candle that saw its price drop to just over $9,000. Altcoins followed suit and many of them gained over 8%, including KICK, LSK, TRX, and HC. These price movements mean the crypto market is in its best shape since August.

Russian's Duma May adopt law on crypto assets
Crypto Assets

Russia’s Duma May Adopt Law on Crypto Assets in the Coming Weeks

Reports from the Russian Federation’s parliament (State Duma) suggest that the long-awaited digital financial assets bill could see the light of day as early as March. It would seem that the long-standing impasse between pro-crypto companies and the crypto-cynic central bank may finally be at an end.

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